Meiberger – Im Kopf des Täters

TV crime series, 8x 47 minutes; Mona Film Production, Vienna, Austria; for ServusTV; Director: Marcus Ulbricht & Soleen Yusef

Sea of Shadows

 Feature documentary about the extinction of the Vaquita porpoise in the Sea of Cortez. The documentary shows the inability and failure of government, scientific operations and  NGOs saving the Vaquita from extinction. As a bycatch of the Totoaba fishery, caught because of its swim bladder, the Vaquita very likely will be wiped out by summer 2018.The Totoaba swim bladder reaches prices up to $ 100.000,- on the Chinese illegal market,believed to be aphrodisiac and generally supporting health.The illegal fishery of Totoaba and its disastrous effect on the Vaquita is the consequence of corrupt politicians, weak law enforcement and organized crime. Feature Documentary for Terra Mater Factual Studios, Vienna, Austria;
Director: Richard Ladkani, malaika pictures, Munich, Germany

Wischen Ist Macht (Pilot)

Comedy TV series; gebhardt productions



TV Drama Series, 8 x 50 minutes; Production: SAM Film Munich; Director: Andreas Herzog, Christopher Schier; for ServusTV, Austria

Universum History – Oberösterreich

Production: e&a film GmbH, Vienna; Sound Mixer (with others) Directress: Sabine Derflinger; for ORF

Von Junger Hand

Documentary about nearly lost hand crafts; shot in Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands; Sound Mixer (with others); Production: Mischief Films, Vienna; for ARTE


Imagine…Alma Deutscher

Documentary on Alma Deutscher, who wrote her first opera with 8 years. Sound Mixer (with others); Directress: Morag Tinto; for BBC

Das Kleine Vergnügen 

Emma is a 45 year old unemployed mother of two grown up children, whose husband is looking for his sexual awaking – with another woman. The thought of filing for divorce also turns out as a financial threat for Emma. She starts looking for jobs and ends up as a salesperson in an “erotic market”, run by Charlie. She quickly realises that the range of products in the shop is not made for women and decides to revamp the store into an “erotic boutique for women and everyone who loves women”.    Feature Film; Sound Mixer; Director: Julia Frick

Tatort VIRUS 

Als im Steinbruch einer kleinen Landgemeinde ein ermordeter Afrikaner gefunden wird, der mit dem gefährlichen Ebola-Virus infiziert war, müssen die Ermittler des Bundeskriminalamtes Moritz Eisner und Bibi Fellner unter schwierigsten Bedingungen und hohen persönlichen Risiken nach der Wahrheit hinter einer Mauer aus Schweigen, Misstrauen und Angst suchen, während rings um sie bald Ausnahmezustand herrscht.    Regie : Barbara Eder, Produktion: epo Film Wien


The Ivory Game

Thrilling documentary on the illegal Ivory Trade; filmed for more than 1 year in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, PR China, Vietnam, Hongkong, UK and the Netherlands; the documentary describes the route of Ivory from the killing in Africa to the carving factories in China, the obstacles for Police and Law Enforcement to stop the trade, but also possible solutions to end the killing of Elephants; Terra Mater Factual Studios (Austria) and Vulcan Productions (USA); Director: Richard Ladkani & Kief Davidson


Streif – One hell of a Ride

Feature Documentary about the Streif downhill race, probably the toughest downhill race in FIS ski world cup; On Location Sound Recordist (in Kitzbuhel, with others); Planet Watch Films Production; Director and Executive Producer: Gerald SalminaAdidas openallwinter

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