Throughout the last 20 years, I have been lucky to join crews from all over the world, get to know different approaches to the film business and how to behave and work in different cultural contexts.

These experiences made me a durable, calm but focused person and good teamplayer.

Given the occasions to work in extreme remote areas for multiple weeks on a string - often in small teams - I developed a good sense of trouble shooting.

Up to 8 weeks in areas like Antarctica, Africa, the Andes or the Qatari desert can not only create problems in the technical field but also need a sensitive, thoughtful and considerate character to keep heads up and deliver the best possible product!

Within the crew

- good teamplayer

  1. -solution orientated

  2. -additional knowledge about camera supports like tripods, cranes, dollies, sliders and lights as well as knowledge of different camera systems

  3. -persistent

  4. -adaptable

Experienced in

  1. -Project planning and preparation (with camera department and production company)

  2. -long term projects

  3. -travelling (more than 90 countries)

  4. -outdoor approved

Additional trainings

  1. -TOR Hostile Environment Training (6 days course)

  2. -PETAN Offshore Survival Training (3 days course)


  1. -german (mother tongue)

  2. -english (fluent)


  1. -skiing

  2. -basic climbing (ascent and abseiling techniques, safety)

  3. -mountain hiking

  4. -high altitude fit