Main Set Ups

Three mainly used equipment configurations are instantly available:

Documentary Set Up

This Set Up consists of an 8-Track-Recorder (Cantar X) or in the smaller version a 6-Track-Recorder (Sounddevices 633) with up to 4 wireless mic systems (Lectrosonics), a TC generating device (Ambient Lockit Box), an Audio Hub to Camera plus several microphones resp. microphon configurations (Mono, M/S, DMS, XY). According to the demands of the project or production company/director, simultanious Translation Set Ups and (In Ear) Monitoring can be provided. For more information and equipment details see below!

Drama and Commercial

A wider range of equipment is available for commercial and drama shootings:

a sound cart, remote antennas, multi coupler, more wireless mic systems, PA, Monitoring for Director, Script and others, mic stands, etc. Depending on the needs of the production the equipment will be assembled and provided correctly. For more information and equipment details see below!


Rental Equipment has it´s price but this is reasonable!

As many things in life, also this fee is negotiable - depending on the number of shooting days, terrain, environmental conditions and of course the size of the equipment.

Please contact me for any further details!

cell: +43 699 1716 3272

@: roland@location-sounds.com

@: roland@soundrecordist.at

skype: schleicher67

Equipment List

Cantar-X 8-Track HDD Recorder

Sound Devices 633- 6-Track Recorder

Lectrosonics Diversity Wireless Systems (SMa, SMb, SRb/5p, 500series & 400series)

Lectrosonics SharkFin Antennas (ALP 650)

Numerous different lavallier mics (Countryman, Voice Technologies, DPA)

Short Shotgun Mics (Sennheiser MKH8060, Sennheiser 416P, Neumann KMR81)

Long Shotgun Mic (Sennheiser MKH8070, Neumann KMR82)

Figure-of-Eight Mics (Schoeps, Neumann)

Cardoid Mics (Sennheiser MKH8040, Neumann KM150)

Numerous booms in different length (Ambient, vdB)

Mono, M/S, DMS, AB & XY-Set Ups


Ambient Lockit Boxes

Ambient TC Radio Link


Numerous Sennheiser/Lectrosonics Monitoring Devices



On Body Audio Recorder with TC (Zaxcom)

Walkie Talkies

Hand Held Recorder (Zoom H6N)

external Power Supply with Li/Ion batteries

Waterproof Cantar Bags

Cold Weather Cantar Bags