Within the structure of film sets, the Sound Department usually is a small group of 2 - 4 members, often - especially in documentary - not even a group: just ONE person!

Not to get stuck in our own mindset and to comply with changing requirements on set, a group of audiophiles meets on a regular basis to exchange their experiences and knowledge, discuss possible upcoming solution for certain demands beforehand and help each other by sharing tips & tricks.

Rooted in Joe´s Location-Sounds (founded in 2004 in Vienna, Austria by Sound Recordist Joe Knauer), an informal forum of Sound Recordists, Boom Operators, Sound Assistants and software developers as well as the very supportive professional Audio Dealer Ton Eichinger established.

In the beginning mainly focused on multitrack audio recording on expeditions in remote areas with the aim to record location sound whereever needed, the field of tasks and requirements grew within the years.

With Axel Traun, graduate of Vienna Academy for Film and very experienced sound mixer for TV Drama, the documentary-oriented group had a strong link to another big section of austrian film.

His and his colleagues` knowledge merged ideally with the existing, `rougher` ideas of documentary sound recording.

Today this group is able to cover nearly every niche of On Location Sound Recording and connect you to the appropriate sound professional for your project.